Lois Merrill Foundation

The Lois Merrill Foundation (LMF) is a non-profit organization founded in 2007 in honor of Lois Merrill. Lois passed away in 2006 from carcinoid cancer, a rare neuroendocrine cancer.

The mission of LMF is to help people affected by carcinoid cancer through funding research for new treatments, providing financial support for patients and their families, and promoting awareness and education for carcinoid and other rare cancers.

The Lois Merrill Foundation funds Medical Assistance Grants and Foundation Assistance Grants. Medical Assistance Grants provide patients in financial need with medical expense assistance. Foundation Assistance Grants provide non-profit organizations with funds to support research and education in conjunction with the goals of the foundation.

LMF has donated almost $80,000 to support research and education for carcinoid cancer, and has awarded over $65,000 to 30 rare cancer patients to pay medical bills for life saving treatments they could not otherwise afford. 100% of funds raised are currently used  to fund Medical Assistance Grants.  The organization is run strictly by volunteers and there is no overhead.

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