USS Midway Museum

Mission: Preserve the historic USS Midway and the legacy of those who serve, inspire and education future generations, and entertain our museum guests.

Imagine experiencing life at sea aboard one of America’s longest-serving aircraft carriers. Visitors to the USS Midway Museum enter a floating city at sea and walk in the footsteps of 225,000 Midway sailors who served our country and upheld the American ideals of strength, freedom, and peace. The USS Midway has more than 60 exhibits with a collection of 25 restored aircraft. The self-guided audio tour, narrated by Midway sailors, brings the carrier’s history to life. Those who dare can “take to the sky” aboard one of three flight simulators.

The Museum features a wide range of dynamic learning adventures in math, science, social studies, and history for students in the education programs. Only on board the USS Midway can youngsters apply classroom theories–ranging from magnetism to electricity to meteorology and more–aboard the West Coast symbol of strength, freedom and peace. In addition, our overnight program for youth groups and families on selected nights is an adventure at sea without leaving port. We offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live the life of a young sailor at sea and to experience some of the remarkable history of the USS Midway.

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